Two pillars of health: diet and workout

Overall well being depends on many factors, most of which are under our control. Probably most important are healthy eating and staying fit.

Below are few tips for those who want to remain strong and healthy.

First of all, it’s important to remember that mindless calories counting won’t get you any closer to dream body. It could possibly lead to various eating disorders. Much better idea is to asses rough calories content and know how sugar and fat are digested in your body.

Raw and unprocessed food is what is mostly considered as healthy food. What does it really means? Well balanced diet provides human body with all major and minor components, as well as right amount of carbohydrates protein and fat. Diet of most people contains way to much monosaccharides and too little polysaccharides, which leads to not only overeating (as simple sugars have high glycemic index) but as a result makes people obese as non-digested carbohydrates are transformed into  fat. Season adequate vegetables, whole grains and grits are among most healthy food products.

Even though diet is the crucial factor preventing obesity and various diseases, physical exercices could help maintain good shape and wellness as well. Going to gym can be challenging, but also rewarding – especially for those who have little idea on how to start their weekly or even daily workout. While diet can keep people slim, only exercices will make the body look really good. Regular activity in gym lowers regular blood pressure, prevents strokes, strenghten muscles and joints, keep good posture and simply gives you a lot of energy.,76.html